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The Graduate Institute of Journalism, NTU


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Emeritus Professor

Contact Number: (02)33663121

Teaching Field: 

  1. Theories of Mass Communication     
  2. Critical Communication Theories
  3. Qualitative Communication Research Methods   
  4. Multiculturalism and Ethnic Communication Studies   
  5. Media Criticism of Feminism
  6. China News Research

Research Expertise: Theories of Mass Communication, Qualitative Communication Research Methods, Multiculturalism and Communication Studies

Major Present positions

Board member, Excellent Journalism Award (2011~)

Councilor, Population and Gender Studies Center, NTU (2013~)

Councilor, Satellite News Channels Self-regulation Committee (2006~)

Major Past position

Director, Graduate Institute of Journalism, NTU

Director, Population and Gender Studies Center (2004~2007, 2011~2014)

Chief Editor, Chinese Journal of Communication Research (TSSCI, 2009-2010)

Chair,Chinese Communication Society (2002-2004)

Committee Member,Human Right  Committee of Administrative Yuan, ROC (2008-2009)

Board Member,Indigenous People’s Culture Foundation (2009-2012)

Committee Member, Committee of Gender Equity, Ministry of Culture, ROC (2012-2014)


1982/8~1989/1 Ph. D. School of  Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Iowa

1977/8~1980/1 MA. Department of Journalism, NCCU

1973/8~1977/6 BA. Department of Foreign Language and Literature, NTU)

Honors and awards

Distinguished Teacher Award of National Taiwan University , 2011.

Research programs granted by National Science Council, Taiwan, 2001- 2011. Research grants by National Science Council and various institutions, Taiwan, 1988-2015.


[A] Periodical papers (Recent 10 years)

  • How different newspapers cover Xingjian conflicts from human right perspective? A frame analysis of 10 newspapers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Britain and Unites States. Mass Communication Research, 2015, no. 125: 1~52. (Coauthored with Wan Hsin,Chen)
  • A Comparative Study of the 2003 Anti-Deregulation Movement in US and the 2011-2013 Anti-Media Monopoly Movement in Taiwan. Journal of Communication Research and Practice, 2013,3(2), pp. 27-63.
  • The Construction of the Indigenous Perspectives: A Review of the 2010 and 2011 Neofelis Nebulosa Journalism Award. First People’s Culture Communication Research Journal, 2012, No. 3: 4-35. (Coauthored with Yang, Jao-Yen)
  • Analysis of the News Placement and Coverage of Three Chinese Buying Groups by Taiwan's Four Main Newspapers from the Perspective of van Dijk's Discourse and Manipulation Theory. Chinese Journal of Communication Research, 2011, pp. 65-93.
  • Is “The Budget Act” Article 62-1 Amendment Enough? –Suggestions about How to Regulate Government Messages. The Journalist Forum-National Taiwan University, 2011. No. 10. Pp. 87-105. (coauthored with Lihyun, Lin)
  • The Case of “Jao-Wei Meal” Video Scandal by Taiwan TV Channels. The Journalist Forum-National Taiwan University, 2007, No. 7: 109-125.  (Coauthored with Ho, J. H. etc.)
  • Networks and News: Reexamination on Ties between Reporters and Sources from the Perspective of Social Capital and Agency Theory. Chinese Journal of Communication Research. 2006. No. 10: 195-231. (Coauthored with Lo, YuChieh)
  • Multiculturalism Course and Structural Criticism. Chinese Journal of Communication Research. 2005. No. 7: 17-29.

[B] Books

  • Multiculturalism and Ethnic Communication Rights- the Case of Taiwan’s Indigenous Peopls. Taipei: Liming Book Co.  
  • Critical Communication Theories-From Deconstruction to Practice. Taipei: Liming BookCo.
  • To Be Thinner for the Loved-- Media Advertisement Effect and Subjectivity. 2002. Cheng Chung Book Co.
  • Media Watch DIY. 2001. Taipei: Frankfurt Co.
  • Women in the Media, Women's  Media. Taipei: Shou-Ren Pub. 1995.
  • Media Culture, Ideologies, and Women. 1994. Cheng Chung Book Co.