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The Graduate Institute of Journalism, NTU

Environment & Facilities

Environment & Facilities

Apart from usual classrooms, there are other specialized classrooms such as computer classrooms, an audio-visual classroom, a dark room and news studios provided and each rather cater to the needs of the students’ education.
 On average, 3 students have access to a computer in the computer classroom, every 5 students can use one set of darkroom equipment, every 2 students is distributed a photography equipment kit. In addition the standard of the recording, editing, sound effects, lighting, subtitles and sub-control equipment in the news studio is on par with professional ones. Whether for teaching or thesis-writing purposes, both the quality and quantity are in complete supply.

Another point worth mentioning is that students are allotted research areas, 1st year and 2nd year graduates all have their own set of desks and chairs and bookshelves. In the institute, there is also a student lounge, satisfying students’ need to interact with one another and to study, letting the students have closer interactions, which allows them to support each other whether in life or academic situations and help them to grow together.

 List of Research Facilities

Research and education rooms

Research and education resources

 Quantity (rooms)

Teacher’s research office

bookshelves, desks, chairs, computers, phones, air-conditioner, Internet etc


Audio-visual terrace classroom 103

single projector, large screen, 86 seats, PA equipment, digital lectern (accommodates 90 people)


Professional rooms: 

313, 315 seminar rooms

single overhead projector, screen, digital lectern (accommodates 15~20 people)


Conference room 401

conference system, digital lectern, PA equipment


Darkroom 408

enlargers, contact printers, working docks, image displayer, wastewater processing machines etc.


NTU multimedia production center (digital studio center)

includes media center office on 1st floor, equipment room recording room and 6 editing rooms, post- production room and sub-control room on the 2nd floor and an approx. 162m² two-storey high-ceilinged studio


News studio: editing room

computer, LCD monitor, digitalized computer editing programs (software and hardware)


News studio: VIP room

  cable T.V, audio-visual equipment, sofas


Professional computerized newsroom

main computer system, screen, peripherals, basic computer programs, news compilation and research-use software ( room can hold up to 20 people)



more than 30 types of Chines and English periodicals and newspapers and over 4000 books, also includes photocopy machines and printers


Graduate research offices

every graduate has their own space and shelf


Student/teacher lounge

  includes microwave, T.V, oven, refrigerator, couches and student mailboxes