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The Graduate Institute of Journalism, NTU

Student Awards

Student/ Alumni Accomplishments


Our students have obtained scholarships offered by NTU and other institutions for their outstanding performances. Scholarships received from NTU include NTU Studies Encouragement Scholarship; off campus scholarships on the other hand varies in categorization, which include: Doris Brougham Education Scholarship, CCA Thesis Grant, Hsiao Tung Tzu Journalism Award, Chun Yi Mass Communication Scholarship, Chinese Rotary Education Foundation Scholarship, TPC Cultural Services Foundation Scholarship, Confucian Cultural Education Foundation Scholarship, etc. 

Awarded Works

Our students have received numerous awards in academic papers and filmmaking, including Chinese Communication Society Student Thesis Award, and awards from filmmaking competition held by the Government Information Office, Ministry of Education and so on. NTU also issues awards to praise students for their excellent performances off-campus. It is clear to see the professional training our students receive in fields such as theory study and news practices and their performances are highly recognized.

Awarded Alumni

Based on our “Cultivating Advanced Journalism Talents in Taiwan to Boost Taiwan News Professional Standards” objective, we are devoted to developing the best experts in journalism. Our alumni have remarkable performances in the aspects of news professionalism and are highly acclaimed, some were given national prestigious journalism awards including Wu Shun Wen Journalism Award、Tseng Xu Bai Journalism Award and Excellent Journalism Award, etc.